Thursday, 15 November 2007

Some words about the blog

Well, after some initial talks and chats about my introduction to photography, lets get down to the purpose of this blog.
As I mentioned it earlier, the focus of this blog will be on photography. If you do not know anything about camera, great! You’ll learn something at least to out knowledge your over-smart friend who knows it all about clicking shutter and taking photographs.
Your photographs will be better than they used to be before going through these instructions. I never assure that your photos will be as stunning and award winning as the National-Geographic ones…

because they require not only exceptional skills and patience, but some real expensive gears too. Pssst…. (only between you and me) I myself cannot shoot like them too, only I do dream of doing it someday.

And if you are the one who really have some knowledge about photography, it is even better. Let’s discuss. I write the posts, you read them. Whenever you feel something needs to be added, add it. In the comments.

One thing which I can assure you is, you will not require any big lenses, or expensive SLRs to follow the lessons in this blog. I personally did not have them when I started my career, nor do I believe one requires very expensive gear to become a photographer.
I always believe that, “It is not the camera which matters, but the person behind the camera” You will be requiring a camera (film or digital) which has manual settings for exposure, and a zoom lens though, which are not at all expensive, and are the basic gears of photography.

Another thing you can be sure that this blog is not going to be an usual dull tutorial. Here, not only we’ll discuss about photographic tips-n-tricks; I’ll include some of fave photographs on the net, give you some light anecdotes of my personal experiences as a photographer, and provide references from the articles which have helped me to become a photographer.

So, get ready guys, take out the clickboxes. Let’s hit the floor.

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